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MD-COLLECT is an online service of Computer Credit, Inc. (CCI), a collection agency specializing in healthcare collections since 1972.

Physicians who choose MD-COLLECT™ can increase cash collections in a patient-friendly manner without paying high contingency fees.

"We've used CCI's MD-COLLECT service as one part of our collection strategy for our eight physician surgical practice because CCI's collection service works so well for us and their MD-COLLECT website is so easy to use.  Our patients respond to their collection letters and send in payments or call us to share additional insurance information or inquire about payment arrangements.  CCI's collection letters are extremely effective, professional and affordable.  We also love the flexible online reporting options available to us.  In the last year, using MD-COLLECT, we've collected over $5,500 in CASH and made arrangements or filed insurance for over another $1,100 at a cost of only $600.  MD-COLLECT helps us collect more for a lot less."

Don Bunker, Administrator

Salem Surgical Associates, PA

Winston-Salem, NC.


With MD-COLLECT, medical practices can pursue overdue self-pay accounts quickly, easily and economically.

Why should you use MD-COLLECT?

  • Automated collection routines for medical practices
  • Designed exclusively for physicians
  • Pay only $7.50 per account referred - no contingency fees, no registration fees, and no minimum referral requirements.
  • Quick and easy online registration
  • Secure  access and control via website
  • Account visibility during the collections process
  • Detailed, on-demand performance and account activity reports  
  •  HIPAA  and FDCPA compliant

When you choose MD-COLLECT, you gain the support, knowledge
and expertise of Computer Credit, Inc.—a leader in integrated collection services for healthcare institutions and physician
practices nationwide.